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Hua Hin walking and cycling routes

cycling hua hin Whilst there are no formally set out trails for either of the above activities, both are easy to enjoy as long as you follow some "rules of the road", particularly when setting out on any type of bicycle.

The main walk in Hua Hin will be along the beach. It stretches from the entrance at The Sofitel Hotel to Monkey Mountain at Khao Takiab and is approximately 7km in length. Depending on how energetic you want to be, the distance can be covered in about 1.5 hours.

At the start, in central Hua Hin, the beach can be quite busy at certain times of year as the main hotels front it, but further on you'll find yourself in deserted areas. There are a sprinkling of beachside restaurants along the way, but it's always best to take along your own bottle of water for rehydration anyway. Do not forget that it's always hot here and the sun is fierce. When a cooling sea breeze blows in, you're unlikely to feel the effects of sweating and dehydration, so be careful.

Your progress along the beach will be determined by the time of day you walk and the time of year. As a general rule of thumb, if you walk in the mornings, during the months November - February, the beach will not be passable after The Chiva Som Resort due to high tides. The rest of the year is OK, with the lowest tides being between April - October.

It an envigorating "stroll" and there's plenty to observe depending on the time of year - small fish, crustaceans, shells and bird life. Also enjoy the fishing boats and monkeys at the end of your walk.

For those who don't want to make the same 7km trek back into Hua Hin again, there are welcoming restaurants in Khao Takiab and a songthaew (shared taxi) back to the centre of town will only cost 10 Baht.

There are plenty of other options for walking routes, but as Hua Hin gets busier and busier, it's naturally preferable to stay clear of the main road - Petchkasem Highway. So, other than the beach, this leaves you with the alternative of heading west. A good route would take you around Royal Hua Hin Golf Course. There are public rights of way around the course, but watch out for golf balls. You'll have the opportunity to see centuries old trees in stunning landscape that will take you up towards Hin Lek Fai.

Wherever you decide to walk, the Thais will probably think you're mad to do so in the heat, but they're always welcoming and you'll find friends everywhere. You can also join the local Hua Hin Hash House Harriers club if you're a real running and walking enthusiast.

Hua Hin cycling

As Hua Hin expands, so traffic congestion unfortunately becomes more of a problem. So, why not take up some cycling around town and the surrounds? It's a good way to keep fit and if you're careful around the main roads, you can find yourself in some great countryside very quickly.

There are an increasing number of outlets that either rent or sell bicycles in Hua Hin now. You can easily get one that you simply pedal around town on short errands. Alternatively, you can go for the "30 gear" racing variety and take part in "The Tour de Hua Hin". Bicycles can be purchased for anything between 2,000 and 50,000 baht and hired from 50 baht per day upwards.

No matter what you decide to go for, do remember that the roads are dangerous in Hua Hin and there are not many vehicles that will give you any right of way. Please give our "driving in Thailand" section a read first.

Nevertheless, if you follow the simple rules of the road, you're unlikely to encounter any mishaps and you'll be doing a whole lot of good for the environment of Hua Hin.

Our Events and Activities forum can give you more ideas from people who've been "out there" and tried different routes. Join in the discussions to share your expiences.

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