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immigrationTourist visas for Thailand
The visa regulations for foreigners visiting Thailand change regularly so it’s important to keep up-to-date.

Currently, citizens of 42 countries can visit Thailand without the need for a pre-arranged visa and these can be found here:

The Immigration laws changed again recently and tourists from the above can obtain a 30 day visa exempt stamp on arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport. However, if you cross into Thailand either by land or sea, you will only be granted a stay of 15 days. There is now no limit to the number of times you can cross borders to remain legal. The entry stamp is free.

Nationals of countries not listed above will either have to have a pre-arranged visa or apply for a visa on arrival at the airport.

If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, it is probably more convenient to get a visa from a Thai Embassy or consulate in your home country before you depart. A tourist visa will allow you 60 days in Thailand and it can be extended once for a further 30 days at any Immigration Office in the Kingdom. The cost for the extension is 1,900 Baht.

Tourist visas are also obtainable from Thai missions in neighbouring countries, but some are very changeable in their flexibility especially if you have a number of consecutive visas from the same place. It is best to refer to and ask questions of local forum boards such as: The Hua Hin Visa Forum

These are designed for those wanting to stay for an extensive period of time. However, you will need to meet certain criteria. The usual requirements are that you are either married to a Thai national or over 50 years of age and therefore eligible for retirement. You will have to meet certain financial criteria and more information can be found here on our sister site:

Thailand is very strict about working illegally. Even voluntary work can land you in serious trouble if you don’t have the necessary paperwork. More information can be found here on our sister site:

This is situated on the beach road near 19 Rai Queen Sirikit Park.

The Immigration Office is able to organize visa extensions, re-entry permits and address reporting. Again please check the visa forum for the latest news and visa information.

Thailand's visa rules change almost every month so please check the forum for the latest updates.


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