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Hua Hin telephone directory

telephone directory Hua Hin telephone directory.

Below are listed the main emergency and other useful numbers to have during your stay in Hua Hin.

PLEASE NOTE: Telephone numbers change frequently so please ask on Hua Hin Forum for the latest info.

Police 191
Police (English speaking) 032 515995
Tourist Police 1155
Ambulance 032 532576
Fire Brigade 199
Tourist Authority of Thailand  032 471005-6
Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) 032 511351
Tourist information 032 611491
Information 032 602019
Hua Hin Police Station 032 533440-1
Hua Hin Tourist Police 032 515995
Railway Station 032 512770, 032 511073
Hua Hin Bus Station 032 514477
Hua Hin Airport 032 520343
Hua Hin Hospital 032 520401
San Paulo Hospital 032 532576-85
Hua Hin International Polyclinic 032 516424, 032 516425
Hua Hin Land Department 032 536164, 032 512407
Hua Hin Local Government 032 512340, 032 532471
Hua Hin Water Board 032 511677
Hua Hin Power Board 032 512215, 032 513165
Red Cross 032 512567
Wildlife Rescue Centre 032 458135

Unfortunately, telephone numbers have a habit of changing regularly. We will update those listed above as frequently as we can but if you find one is not working or is incorrect, then ask for more up-to-date information on our Hua Hin forum.

Hua Hin business listings can be found on the Hua Hin Business Directory.




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