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songtaew hua hin As Hua Hin is situated only some 200km from the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, getting here is easy and the town can be reached using a variety of transport methods that are both affordable and quick.

How you can best arrive at this charming seaside town on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand will be dependent on where you are departing from, how much luggage you have, the price you want to pay and how quickly you want to arrive. Browse our On the Road forum to find hundreds of comments on travelling to Hua Hin that can help you decide how you want to arrive.

Below are listed the options available to you, with timetables where appropriate. Please note that schedules can change and the following is correct at time of going to press (January 2011).

Getting there and away

The most popular methods of transport are bus, train, taxi, minivan and flight.

General guidelines to one way prices to and from Hua Hin and Bangkok are suggested below. These are just approximations and may vary.

BKK - Hua Hin - BKK price time taken departures
bus from Hua Hin 166 3.5 hours every 30 mins (3am to 9pm)
bus from Bangkok 166 3.5 hours every 30 mins (2am to 10.20pm)
train 80 5 hours 10 times daily
minivan to Bangkok 180 2.5 hours every 30 mins
(4am to 6pm)
taxi 2,400 2.5 hours n/a
plane n/a 1 hour service cancelled
ferry to Pattaya n/a 3.5 hours service cancelled

With a population of some 80,000, Hua Hin is a relatively small holiday town in comparison to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. However, it is expanding all the time as our destination becomes more and more popular.

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There are three different bus services that run from or through Hua Hin. The blue air con busses to and from Bangkok, VIP and other a/c buses that head south and the local orange buses that go to Pranburi and Petchaburi.

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There are a number of taxi services in Hua Hin ranging from small tuk-tuk and minivan taxis to full limousines and VIP services.

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As Hua Hin is on the main (and only) north-south train line, it is easy to travel up to Bangkok or down to the deep south.

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Located about a 15 minute drive north of Hua Hin town centre, the airport has had a somewhat chequered past.

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Car Hire
Hiring a car is a great way to get around town as a family or visit places further afield. There are a number of Hua Hin car rental and Hua Hin car hire services in town but they are not all as reputable as they seem.

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Unless you're travelling under your own steam, the usual ways to get from Hua Hin to Bangkok are either by taxi, air conditioned bus or train. There is another quick alternative, however, and that's by minivan.

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Ferry services start up and are cancelled just as quick - we have no current info on ferry services from Hua Hin.

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