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Hua Hin Regatta

hua hin regatta Each year in August, Hua Hin hosts a colourful yachting regatta when upwards of 300 competitors take part in a number of different classes for various prizes.

It's great entertainment and takes place at Hua Hin Naval Yacht Club near Klai Kangwong Palace and along the beach close to The Sofitel Hotel.

Last year's Hua Hin Regatta took place over three days, starting at 10.00am each day. It's free to spectate and if you're interested in taking part contact:

The Yacht Racing Association of Thailand
Navy Headquarters
Building No 5
Royal Thai Navy
Bangkok 10600.
Tel: 02 4720852.


Hua Hin Regetta photos

Hua Hin Regatta 2007

Hua Hin Regatta 2007

Dragon Boat Racing

In November each year at Pranburi, which is some 30km south of Hua Hin, there is dragon boat racing. Teams compete against each other over a 1km long stretch of the Pranburi River and it's really great fun to watch.

The competition is taken seriously and teams will practice regularly for months in advance.

Pranburi Dragonboat 2006

Pranburi Dragonboat 2006

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