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nightlife hua hin After a tiring day on the beach, around the swimming pool or having visited one of the many attractions around Hua Hin, it's time for dinner. But what is there to do afterwards in Hua Hin?

The answer is plenty and we hope to give you an idea of the options available below.

The first thing to bear in mind is that Hua Hin does not have the wild nightlife that you can find in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. The town has been promoted by The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and local offices as a destination for families or for those seeking a quieter style holiday. In the main, TAT's efforts have succeeded and the sleazy nightlife areas that are evident in other resorts do not feature in Hua Hin.

Another major factor that has influenced the town's development over the past few years is that His Majesty The King of Thailand resides in Hua Hin most of the time now and so it has been important that expansion has not taken place at the expense of destroying Hua Hin's heritage as a Royal town.

Having said all that, there are plenty of bars in Hua Hin, most of which can be found contained within a few blocks of the centre of town. Some can get quite loud later at night, but in the afternoons and early evenings they are "family friendly" and you should not be put off from visiting some during your stay. Most are now far better equipped than they were with decent bathroom facilities and amenities, you can find bars with a good atmosphere around town in which to watch sporting events or just for general conversation. Some are fully air conditioned and others provide really good bar food and more extensive menus. There are also a number of watering holes where local expats are known to frequent, these are a great source of local knowledge should you wish to extend your stay.

With the recent opening of the new shopping mall, Hua Hin has finally got a multiplex cinema. Although most releases (Western or Thai) will be in the Thai language, an evening there offers something different. The mall also has a bowling alley for those interested.

Bars and nightlife options

Try not to miss out on a cabaret show. Don't be put off by the fact that most of the performers are transvestites, they really can be great fun and quite a spectacle. Shows of this type have a long history in Thailand and are not frowned upon here.
Some of the main hotels put on shows of classical Thai dancing and music, so if you're interested in the culture, you should try to see at least one of these.

There are nightclubs also, the most popular of which is at the Hilton Hotel. Others around town will cater more for a Thai clientele, but westerners are welcome.

For those who like to show off their singing skills, you can find numerous karaoke bars around Hua Hin, some of which are open late and can be good fun. Even if you're not quite a Frank Sinatra or Robert Plant, you'll always get a round of applause for your efforts.

Live music lovers will also not be disappointed with Hua Hin as there are a number of venues that cater for this. Some are air conditioned and almost all play rock music. Bring your ear plugs as they will be loud and you can hear some of the best rock music talent in Thailand.

So, in short, there's plenty to do at night. The main thing is not to be afraid to try these options out. Hua Hin is a safe town and a bit of experimentation will only add to the pleasure of your stay here.


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