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Hua Hin kitesurfing

fishing hua hin Over the past few of years kitesurfing or kiteboarding has become an extremely popular sport in Hua Hin. There are now at least ten kitesurfing schools in Hua Hin offering lessons, tuition and equipment for hire.

Steady thermal winds are present in Hua Hin in March and April, this is the season for kitesurfers, Hua Hin has ideal conditions as the ocean is usually flat and it is shallow a long way out. Bigger surf can be experienced from November to January, great for more experienced kiteboarders.

Serious kiteboarders from around the world have started to put Hua Hin on their destination list.

Kiteboarding guidelines

Kiteboarding in Hua Hin is not recommended outside the Sofitel Central and anywhere further north due to submerged boulders and is forbidden towards to Royal residences where the beach is inaccessible and military patrols are present.

Most of the Kitesurfers congregate near the Condochain hotel and further south where the beach is long and flat, ideal conditions for kiteboarding although strong gusts can be experienced further south near the hill at Khao Takiab.

On this stretch of beach kitesurfers must be aware of jetskis, horses, fishing boats, the occasional banana boat and beach goers. Jellyfish can also be a problem in Hua Hin at certain times of the year, usually around May to October, appropriate clothing is recommended. Hua Hin is a tropical town so watch that sun and keep covered up, a rash vest usually suffices!

Kiteboarding World Cup 2010

Hua Hin has played host to the Intercontinental Kiteboarding World Cup which drew kitesurfers and spectators in from across the globe.



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