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Khao Tao

had sai noi Khao Tao is a charming village best known for a wonderful secluded beach, which is seperately named Hat Sai Noi. Do not confuse it with the diving island of Koh Tao which is some way south of Hua Hin and off Chumphon.

You will find this idyllic location some 20 km south of Hua Hin, not too far off the main highway to Pranburi. Simply follow the signs to Khao Tao and then Sai Noi beach. The road goes around a reservoir and is easy to find. Although small - probably no more than 1km long - the beach is generally quiet, except on weekends and public holidays. There are a number of beach restaurants that serve up delicious local food, seafood and drinks and they all have sun loungers and umbrellas. As opposed to Hua Hin and Khao Takiab beaches, Had Sai Noi drops-off quickly, making it ideal for swimming. You will have to keep a close watch on any children though.

Had Sai Noi development
In 2007, it appeared as though a walled housing development was going to be built right on the beach which would have probably destroyed the natural beauty of this spot and led to environmental damage.
However, during 2008, the above development was halted and so this pristine beach remains unspoilt, but for how long remains an open question.

If you would like more information about Khao Tao or other neighbouring areas, ask for it on our South of Hua Hin forum.

Khao Tao temple

Whilst here, it is worth seeing the large temple complex in Khao Tao. Contained within it are several caves with a multitude of Buddha statues and shrines. There are also a couple of impressive look-out points, a fishing village and freshwater lake.
It's possible to get there by motorcycle, but it'll be far safer to book a taxi. A round trip should cost about 800 baht and it's perfectly acceptable to tell the driver to come back to collect you at a predetermined time (rather then have him wait) and pay upon your return to Hua Hin. Khao Tao and Sai Noi beach make for a great day away from Hua Hin, but try to go during the week.

Khao Tao photos

Khao Tao - Had Sai Noi beach

Khao Tao temple complex

Khao Tao fishing village

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