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Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

sam roi yot On 28th June 1996, Khao Sam Roi Yot was established as the first coastal National Park in Thailand. Literally meaning "the mountain with 300 peaks", it is only a 45 minute drive south of Hua Hin and east of Pranburi.

The whole area is of prime ecological importance for Thailand. Limestone mountains rise up to 605 meters from the coastal marshes making it a topographical wonder.

Bird-life is vibrant and there have been over 300 species recorded, many of which migrate from China, Siberia and Northern Europe. The best times to see them is between November and May as they firstly fly southwards and then back north as the park is on the main Asian-Australian flyway of birds.  If you are a keen ornithologist, Khao Sam Roi Yot is one of the best places to be at the above times of year. Even for those with no particular "bird-watching enthusiasm", the park will delight you with these natural migratory patterns.

But that's not all that is offered by Khao Sam Roi Yot. The forested sections support a wide variety of wild life and a trek through them can reward you with sightings of Serow and blackish goat antelope, dusky or spectacled langur, crab-eating or long tailed macaque, barking deer, porcupine and a whole host of others.

You can make your way up to caves of spectacular sizes through forest trails, rest on fine white sandy beaches, take boat excusions to outlying islands, enjoy the food that is on offer throughout the park and maybe, just maybe you might be lucky enough to see the pods of dolphins that inhabit the bay.

If you are interested in nature and want a relaxing day, or more, away from Hua Hin, Khao Sam Roi Yot will not disappoint you.

There is even a 9 hole golf course nearby at Dolphin Bay. Owned by the local Department of Public Maintenance, it's a great lay-out with plenty of water, reasonably long and has some spectacular scenery. Visitors are welcome and green fees are free (although a donation to the upkeep of the course is always welcome). Trolleys can be hired for THB 30 and clubs for THB 100. The course will probably not suit the more serious player as it's not in the best of condition, but for a knock around or a fun few hours for novices, it's hard to beat.

National Park fees

These fees were last amended on December 1st 2007. There are now four categories of National Park. The first and most expensive will cost a foreign adult THB 400 and a foreign child 200, whereas a Thai adult gains entry for THB 80 and a Thai child 40. These parks are mainly found in southern Thailand around Phuket and the north.
Category 2 will cost THB 200/100/40/20 repectively.
Category 3 will cost THB 100/50/20/10 respectively.
Category 4 are free for all.
In the past, foreigners holding Permanent Residency, a Work Permit, a Thai driving licence or on foreign exchange student status were able to gain entry at Thai prices. If you have one of the above, it will be worth while discussing it with the rangers.
If you visit more than one National Park in a day, there is no additional charge unless any are more expensive than the first, in which case you will pay the difference. The above prices are still current as of January 1st 2011.

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Lealawadee at the Beach Resort Hotel is located in "Unseen Thailand", 38 km south of Hua Hin. It is a friendly and beautiful resort which has a marvelous beach front at a deep blue sea. The balance between mountains, plants and animals makes Lealawadee at the beach a heaven on earth. Here you will find peace, quiet, space, and health.
Rates from 1,050 THB
Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Samroiyod Holiday Resort is a perfect venue for a holiday. Villas and terraced houses are at your disposal, whether it is holiday among family members or a party or seminar among friends and colleagues. Fully furnished with TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, hot & cold water, and spacious private bathroom partitioned into dry and wet areas.
Rates from 1,000 THB [ online booking ]
Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
The Privacy Beach Resort and Spa sits practically right on the beach within sight of Nom Sao and Koh Lam islands with shallow water reefs and corals where dolphins are spotted. A five star conceptual boutique hotel in Thai style comprising of 76 elegant rooms. One each of international indoor and outdoor restaurant, one grand ballroom, business centre, functional and activities room for children, ample space for outdoor activity, swimming pool, games room, spa and fitness centre.
Rates from 2,380 THB [ online booking ]
Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Dolphin Bay Beach Resort consists of 24 beach bungalows and 24 first floor rooms. (some connecting for families), each with private bathrooms, balconies, air conditioning, satellite TV and mini bar. Two large swimming pools one with large water slide, great beach for swimming, safe for children! There are also six apartments, each with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and kitchenette and the same beautiful views, we also have three bedroom apartments, with private swimming pools and Spa's, also six bed room apartments with pool and spa.
Rates from 1,200 THB
[ online booking ]
Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Anchana Resort & Spa is more like an enormous luxurious home than a tropical resort. Nestled in between majestically mountains and facing stunning tropical waters, Anchana is one home you will never want to leave. The resort is a tropical oasis with a warm contemporary Balinese flair and lush green scenery Fifty uniquely appointed rooms with full amenities and private balconies in a cool shady surrounding are offered at Anchana Resort.
Rates from 2,100 THB
[ online booking ]

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Brassiere Beach has 9 Mediterranean designed cottages for the discerning traveler. All are fitted out with modern amenties and you are not likely to see more than 20 other people at any one time. An ideal location to get away from it all.
Rates from 2,940 THB (online booking)

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Koram Resort is for the budget conscious and situated on Phunoi Beach. All rooms are equipped with TV, air con and mini bar. A restaurant serves delicious food and you are only a short distance away from numerous tourist attractions.
Rates from 1,090 THB (online booking)

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
La a Natu Bed & Bakery is a modern style resort with 10 accommodations right on the beach. A rice field terrace by the sea and Thai/Lao architecture contribute to the charm of the resort
Rates from 3,000 THB (online booking)

Sam Roi Yot Accommodation Hotels & Resorts
Terra Selisa is a small resort right on the beach. Renowned for its peace and quiet, the resort is set in tropical gardens and all rooms have air con, fan, mini bar, satellite TV, ensuite bathroom with hot water and a private veranda. The restaurant serves delicious meals.
Rates from 1,139 THB (online booking)


Khao Sam Roi Yot trip

As there's plenty to see and do at the national park, there are opportunities to experience a number of attractions. You can visit pineapple and coconut plantations, fishing villages and attractive beaches.

It is recommended that you wear good walking shoes as the terrain is hilly and it can be very dry or wet underfoot depending on the time of year. Try to ascend the 430 meter hill to the cave dome. You'll be rewarded with a spectacular display of stalagmites around the pavilion built by King Rama V.

Most organised tours will include the entry fee, an English speaking guide, lunch and soft drinks in the overall price. If you tailor make your visit, boat trips out to sea and other activities can be arranged for additional costs.

See our South of Hua Hin pages for more ideas and discussion on nearby areas.





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