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Khao Kalok

khao kalok Some 40km south of Hua Hin is the peaceful bay of Khao Kalok. To reach this beach, you need to follow the main highway south to Pranburi, turn left to Pak Nam Pran and take the second major turn on the right. Follow this road for around 10km and take another right at the T-junction and follow the signs. A taxi should know the way and it'll take you approximately 40 mins to get there. The return price for a taxi should be in the region of 1,000 baht.

Once you arrive, you'll find numerous restaurants set on the beach road overlooking the beach itself. Pick the one that takes your fancy and relax for a few hours getting cooled by sea breezes over some delicious food and drinks. You will find prices here considerably less expensive than Hua Hin and the locals are friendly and always happy to see new faces.

Again, Khao Kalok can get busy at weekends, so bear this in mind. During the week, you can almost have the place to yourselves. Khao Kalok means "skull mountain" in English and the bay is long and wide. There is an interestingly formed cave on the south side with a hole through its middle. Swimming is reasonble at high tide and quad bikes are available for hire to explore the beach further. Alternatively, of course, you can just relax in the restaurant or on the beach. Khao Kalok makes for a good away-day from Hua Hin.

If you'd like to ask any questions about Khao Kalok or surrounding areas, visit our South of Hua Hin forum.

Khao Kalok photos

Khao Kalok
Khao Kalok watersports activities

Khao Kalok
Kitesurfing at Khao Kalok

Khao Kalok
Fishing boats at low tide - Khao Kalok

Khao Kalok
Fishing boats at high tide - Khao Kalok

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