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Hua Hin and Thai holidays

songkran The sheer number of holidays and festivals that occur in Thailand over any given year is staggering. There always seems to be something happening, somewhere. The most important dates will be celebrated nationally and there are a host of local events as well.

Other than specific birthdays, most of the holidays will take place around lunar months and so the exact dates will vary annually from a western calendar. If the moon is in its correct phase and the exact date falls during the week, holidays will generally be given in lieu on the nearest Monday after the event. Therefore it is not easy to be specific about exact dates, however an approximation will be given below.

It should be noted that on major holidays, banks, government offices and schools will be closed and Hua Hin will get extremely busy as the Bangkok crowd descend on town for a long weekend. This shouldn't put you off though. It's far better to join in the festivities. ATMs and exchange booths will always be open, however it can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation if you havn't planned ahead.

Public Holidays and Events in Hua Hin

1st. The beginning of the western new year is a national holiday in Thailand, one of three "new year" holidays celebrated every year. Christmas and New Year are peak times in Hua Hin.
Mid February
The beginning of the Chinese lunar year is celebrated in the Chinatowns of every city throughout Thailand. Some businesses close for the day, but it is not a national holiday. Hua Hin gets very busy over Chinese new year and dragon dances can be seen in the streets.
Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha's first sermon to his disciples. It is a national holiday.
Mid month.
Hua Hin Kite Festival. The Thailand International Kite Festival is held every second year at The Rama VI army camp in Cha Am, Petchaburi province. There is always a colourful display of various kites performing acrobatic skills. It's a great day out for all the family and you'll find plenty of local stalls selling a variety of crafts, food and beverages.
* Hua Hin Kiteboarding World Cup is usually held in March.
6th(8th sub). Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the current dynasty, Rama I.
13th/14th/15th. Songkran is the traditional Thai new year, generally celebrated as a water festival. Songkran in Hua Hin only occurs on the 13th when the streets downtown are packed with revellers, prepare to get wet!
1st. International labor day is celebrated as a national holiday. There is a public holiday on the 2nd.
5th. Coronation day celebrates the day in 1949 when the current King was crowned.
24th. Visakha Bucha Day. This is the holiest of all the Buddha days and celebrates the birth, enlightenment and entry into Nivarna of Lord Buddha.
Dates to be confirmed. Hua Hin Jazz Festival. Hua Hin's annual jazz festival was cancelled last year so the future of the event is unknown. The dates have generally been in early June and town is busy with a great selection of musicians. Recent years have seen cancellations and last minute date changes - this festival is very unreliable.
Asanha Bucha Day. This commemorates the first sermon Buddha gave to his first five disciples. It is always held on the day before the start of Buddhist Lent.
Khao Phansa, this day marks the beginning of the Buddhist 'lent' period, a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth.
12th. Her Majesty the Queen's birthday is a national holiday, also serving as the country's Mothers Day as well.
* Hua Hin Golf Festival is held throughout the months of August and September.
* Hua Hin Regatta is held in August.
* Hua Hin Elephant Polo used to be held in Hua Hin, the future of this event is unknown.
Ork Phansa, end of Buddhish Lent.
Chulalongkorn Day celebrates the birthday of one of Thailand's most revered kings. The 24th is a public holiday.
Loy Kratong is not a national holiday, but an evening when Thais pay respect to the goddess of the waters by floating candlelit offerings on any and all waterways around the Kingdom. Hua Hin beach gets especially busy on Loy Kratong night.
* Pranburi Dragon Boat Races are held in November.
5th. His Majesty the King's birthday.
10th. Constitution Day.
31st. New Year's Eve.
* Hua Hin Vintage and Classic Car Rally is held in December at the Sofitel.
* Hua Hin Bike Week has also been cancelled, the future of this event is unknown.

Take a look at the Hua Hin Municipality events page for more happenings in Hua Hin or the Hua Hin Events Forum for instant news of holidays and events in Hua Hin.



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