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songtaew hua hin With a population of some 80,000, Hua Hin is a relatively small holiday town in comparison to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. However, it is expanding all the time as our destination becomes more and more popular.

Nevertheless, getting around is easy as the centre of town is very concentrated and it is possible to explore the heart by foot. Whether you're staying at one of the up-market hotels, a guesthouse or in accommodation slightly further afield, you're unlikely to be more than a few kilometres away from the major banks, the Post Office and other facilities that are associated with a tourist destination.

There is good variety of transport available in town. Motorcycle taxis are readily available, but bear in mind that most riders do not supply helmets for pillion passengers. Tuk tuks (3 or 4 wheeled, open sided taxis) are again easy to find, particularly in the centre of town however they tend to charge very inflated prices. For those who want a more recognised form of taxi service, there are plenty of drivers around to take you home.

Public transport consists of songtaews, there are currently 4 routes.

1. Khao Takiab to Hua Hin Airport. These green trucks leave every 15 minutes or so and cost 10 baht to and from Khao Takiab to the centre of town and also from there out to the airport for a further 10 baht. You simply flag one down and get on. The first songtaews run from around 6am and the last ones at around 6.30pm (up to 9pm in the high season, but check - prices increase in late evening).

2. Surround City. This is a circular route around the inner city, ranging from Soi 94 in the South to Soi 41 in the North. The service runs both clockwise and anti-clockwise at intervals of about 10 minutes Service starts at 0600 and runs until 2100. All journies cost 10 Baht.

3. Maegep to Makro. Starts at 0600 and runs until 2000. Peak time service is every 15 minutes, and every 30 minutes at other times. Cost for the entire journey is 30 Baht, but the driver will break the journey down into 10 Baht segments for lesser distance.

4. Hua Hin to Huay Mongkol. Circular route, starting at Hua Hin Railway Station, then calling at Market Village, Ban Hua Na, Hua Hin Floating Market, Samphannam Floating Market, Wat Huay Mongkol, Huay Mongkol Floating Market, Majestic Golf. This service runs hourly, from the Railway Station starting at 08:00. Last pick up at Wat Huay Mongkol is at 17:00. An example of cost is Railway Station to Hua Hin Floating Market is 20 Baht. Railway Station to Wat Huay Mongkol is 40 Baht.

For those that are in no rush you can travel by rickshaw or trishaw. These are three wheeled bicycles that are often seen cruising the back streets of Hua Hin and are a great way to take in the town. Some of the major hotels organize rickshaw tours where you end up in a large convoy snaking your way through downtown Hua Hin.

What to pay for transport

Always agree a price with any driver/rider before setting off. This will negate the chances of any misunderstanding afterwards. After all, negotiating is part of the way of life here, so enjoy doing it -  with a smile.

General guidelines to prices around Hua Hin are suggested below.

Mode | Distance under 1km 1 - 3km 3 - 5km over 5km
motorbike taxi 40 60 80 100+
tuk tuk 150 250 300 500+
songtaew 10 10 10 20
taxi n/a 200 300 400+
rickshaw 50 80 n/a n/a

This is a very approximate guide and you may come across prices that are higher than this, if they are outrageous simply walk away and find an alternative mode of transport. Tuk-tuks have a high fixed price, they won't move for anything less and are not the most economical form of local transport. (January 2013).


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