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fishing hua hin As Hua Hin is right on the Gulf of Thailand, you would not be mistaken in thinking that there's some good fishing to be had - both at sea and inland for freshwater species.

The area directly off the main Hua Hin beach is unfortunately pretty much "fished out" now. Indeed, the main fishing fleets have relocated south of town at Pak Nam Pran and Prachuabkirikhan. Nevertheless, there are some great opportunities for the enthuiastic angler.

Sea fishing trips and eco cruises

It is possible to arrange fishing trips yourself directly with local fishermen who'll take you out on their boats for a few hours. Prices, as always, are negotiable, but as a general rule of thumb you can expect to pay 500 baht per person for a group of 6. Tackle, bait and light refreshments will normally be included in the price. A trip will last around 5-6 hours, depending on tides. This can be a fun way to organise your day, although for trips further out to sea, it is probably better to use the services of a recognised boat operator.

Freshwater fishing

For those of you interested in fresh water fishing there are a couple of fishing parks and lodges around Hua Hin.

There is also a fishing park in Cha-am and a large one in Chumphon, check online for details.


Watersports are offered behind the hill at Khao Takiab. Aquatic activities include jetski hire, banana boat rides, waterskiiing, parasailing, and sea kayaking. Although these watersports activities are available to all they are dangerous and care and common sense must be taken.

Watersports at the main Hua Hin beach are limited due to the presence of the submerged boulders after which the town derives its name. Kiteboarding has become extremely popular on the flat open beach further south.


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