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cooking hua hin Most visitors to Thailand will be impressed with the cuisine. The range of herbs and spices used is staggering and the riot of flavours produced is famous throughout the world now.

Thai restaurants are springing up in most countries and as a result the ingredients necessary are becoming easier to find. So, rather than rely on expensive restaurants back in your home country to relive the tastes of Thailand, why not attempt some Thai cooking for yourselves?

Once you find a good supply of fresh herbs and spices, the cooking itself is not really that difficult. However, some tuition whilst in Hua Hin may be indispensible later on.
Catching on to the western popularity of the cuisine, a number of good Thai cooking schools have sprung up in Hua Hin. These will give you an introduction to all the ingredients and even take you to a local market where you'll be shown how to choose the best and for you to experience the enormous variety of goods for sale - some of which may be quite difficult to find back home.

Depending on how you want to learn, different schools will provide different courses. Some are watch and learn, whilst others allow you to do everything yourself. Some will teach with a set menu, others will allow you to choose the dishes you want, so you won't be restricted in your choices.

Most courses will introduce you to traditional ways to mix spices, using the pestle and mortar and coconut grinder. It might be hard work, but you'll get to experience the way the vast majority of Thais still prepare their everyday meals.

Most large hotels will either run or can organise courses for you. Although they will be more expensive then others in Hua Hin and possibly more restrictive in terms of what you can do, there will be some extremely experienced cooks on hand.

Probably the greatest delight after a hard day's shopping and cooking is to finally sit down and taste the fruits of your labours. Remember, once you have grasped the basics, the cooking is really not that difficult, so impress your friends and family back home.

Our Feeding Time forum can also give you some more ideas on markets and cooking techniques. Take a look to find out how our readers have fared.

More information on Thai fruits, herbs and spices can be found here:


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