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Hua Hin attractions

around hua hin As Hua Hin is a Royal town and also the oldest beach resort in Thailand, it's not suprising that the town is steeped in history and full of attractions.

If you take the time out to hunt some of these down, you will better understand the country, the people and the culture.

The following pages will highlight the main attractions, giving some brief historical details, how to find them and how to behave and dress to ensure you do not cause offence.

Try to visit some of these. They are mostly directly in Hua Hin, or very close to it and you will find your visit to Hua Hin all the more rewarding for having made the effort to do so.

What to see in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beaches
As Hua Hin is located on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand, it's hardly surprising that it is well-endowed with some great beaches. Most are wide and long, whilst depths are generally shallow with very mild currents. As a result, they are safe for all the family.

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Hua Hin Royal Residences
Known as Klaikangwon Palace, meaning "far from worries", this residence is only accessable by invitation and there is an exclusion zone around it that stretches out to sea.

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Hua Hin Temples
Thailand is some 95% Buddhist and so temples are a common sight all over the country and Hua Hin is no exception to this rule.

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Hua Hin Railway Station
Hua Hin's popularity began to increase in the 1920's as the railway line from Bangkok was constructed and King Rama VI built Klai Kangwon Palace as a summer retreat.

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Hin Lek Fai
If you're looking for some spectacular views of Hua Hin, you need search no further than Khao Hin Lek Fai (Flintstone Hill).

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Hua Hin Animal Park
A little known animal park/zoo lies around 10km north of Hua Hin. It appears to be setup as a government funded "deer research center" so there are no English language signs to or in the place.

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Hua Hin Cicada Market
This market has recently opened in Khao Takieb and features an artists market, shopping and good food.

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The Vic Hua Hin Art Complex
Situated a few kilometers south of the Khao Takieb flyover, this complex features an air-conditioned theatre, performing arts, workshops, visual art exhibitiona and film screenings.

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Plearnwan Eco Vintage Village
Found on the left hand side of Petchkasem Road, just north of the traffic lights at the King's Palace, this complex covers two floors offering a glimpse back into Hua Hin's past.

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For more information on these venues please check the Hua Hin Events and Activities Forum


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