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Hua Hin accommodation

hilton hua hinHua Hin has a full range of accommodation options from luxury five star resort and spas all the way down to budget family run guesthouses.

Almost every month a new hotel or guesthouse opens in Hua Hin, the choice of accommodation today is overwhelming. To make it easier for you we have devised a guide showing basic daily price range and facilities offered for each accommodation type.

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Accommodation Type Facilities and Amenities Price Range
5 Star Resort and Spa pool, gym, spa, restaurants, bars, evening entertainment, lounge, internet, room service, fully equipped rooms, laundry, transport. 5,000 +
3 to 4 Star Hotel pool, restaurant, bar, internet, high quality rooms, room service, laundry. 2,500 to 5,000
2 to 3 Star Hotel restaurant, lounge, internet. 800 to 2,000
Guesthouse basic fan or a/c room only. 400 to 1,000

Naturally this is just an accommodation guide and there will be some guesthouses that offer more and some bigger hotels that offer less. Have a look at our forum accommodation pages to look for readers' reviews and to ask your questions.

More information on Hua Hin accommodation and online booking can be found on Hua Hin Accommodation

Some of the more popular accommodation choices in Hua Hin are:
Victor Guesthouse Hua Hin
Jings Accommodation in Hua Hin

Seasonal changes and local holidays

Hua Hin gets extremely busy during peak season and Thai holidays so it pays to book in advance for these times. The main ones being Western, Chinese and Thai New Years, most places will be full for this period. There are also a number of long weekends throughout the year when Hua Hin's population increases with visiting Bangkokians.

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Resorts and Spas
As Hua Hin has developed over the years, so the number of top-quality hotels, resorts and spas has grown as well. Most are situated right on the beach and have all the facilities that you would expect from 5 star establishments in a major tourist destination.

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Hua hin has a plethora of mid-range and new boutique hotels that offer good facilities and service. Whilst naturally not of the same standard as a 5 star resort, they nevertheless offer good value for money and as a result can become extremely busy in the peak season.

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Hua Hin has long been on travellers' itineries and as a result has a history of providing clean, comfortable guesthouse accommodation for the budget conscious.

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